Il Delfinetto

San Vincenzo (LI) - 2013
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In 2013, when the Residence Villa Il Delfinetto was completely renovated, Puraluce coordinated the lighting design and the construction works.

Products: Step, Clio, Square, Smart Pool B RGB, Joker, Walter, Klino e altri

The products and finishes used in this project are varied, chosen to harmonize with the stylistic choices made by the architects for each different environment. This is the comment of architect Ilaria Menici who oversaw the design of the garden: "The Delfinetto garden is located in a beautiful Mediterranean thicket that inspired us to create the play of light and shadow among the existing trees. The goal was to recreate the effects of a night of the full moon. To enter into the Delfinetto to be estranged from reality and immersed in a wild atmosphere accompanied by a lumnious path and the constant sound of the sea that guide you to the private beach. "

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