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Puraluce Catalogue 2016

The call to the stars in these days is more than ever: the year of the discovery of the sound of the universe, based on observation of gravitational waves, as theorized by Enstein; the discovery of the presence of water on Pluto; the discover y of 1,300 galaxies thanks to the telescope MeerKAT.

One of the brightest stars in the musical firmament, David Bowie, leaves his earthly passage with his artistic testament, the album “Black star”, to transfer his art probably on the planet from which he came.

A bright star has also approached the Puraluce galaxy is the Milan architect and designer NANDA VIGO, great protagonist in the architectures, design and art, which, with her lamps made the history of lighting.

Her ground lamp Golden Gate (1969-1970), produced by Arredoluce, exemplary company in the lighting scene, was the first lamp using a LED, sourcing directly coming from NASA.

With the new edition produced by Puraluce of her Explorer, a mirror cube suspended, Nanda Vigo, the designer honors us with her presence in our catalogue.

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